Peltier-Cooled Incubator ILP 53 Smart


Innovative and ecological laboratory cooled incubators ILP series with cooling system based on the Peltier cell technology.
The most important advantages of incubators with ILP Peltier modules are:

  • No vibrations – through the use of Peltier cells, vibrations previously generated by the compressor are eliminated
  • Homogeneity and stability – the cooling system based on Peltier cells allows to achieve excellent stability and homogeneity, additionally, the time of reaching the set temperature, e.g. after opening the door, is much shorter
  • Lighter and smaller design – Peltier cell cooling system reduces the size of the device and its weight
  • Environmentally friendly – removing the compressor eliminates the use of refrigerant gases that have a negative impact on the environment
  • Energy-saving – when operating the unit at temperatures close to the ambient temperature, the electricity cost are reduced on average by 40%
  • The ILP Peltier-cooled incubators are manufactured in 4 sizes, from 56 to 749 l.

They are available in Smart and Smart PRO controller versions.
The unit can be made of powder-coated sheet metal in light grey with a graphite extension (other colours according to RAL can be ordered by contacting our Sales Department) or structural stainless steel (linen)
All Peltier-cooled laboratory incubators are equipped with an internal glass door to facilitate viewing of the load during the process (optionally, the unit may have an external door with a vision window so that processes can be observed without opening the door, as long as the research being conducted allows light to enter the chamber)
Advantages over compressor-cooled incubators:

  • Environmentally friendly – Elimination of compressor and refrigerants ensures environmental protection
  • Lighter and smaller – The Peltier-element system has reduced the size and weight of the unit
    Vibration-free – With the introduction of the Peltier-element system, vibrations previously generated by the compressor have been eliminated
  • Perfect performance – The cooling system based on the Peltier-element features excellent temperature stability and uniformity
    It also improves the temperature recovery time (e.g. after door opening)

Advantages of the SMART controller:

  • 4,3 inches, clear, full colour touch screen
  • LAN, USB ports for data transfer
  • multi-segment time and temperature programs
  • visual and sound alarm
  • internal memory for programs and data storage
  • event registry
  • user manual for direct download
  • Quick change of program parameters
  • Alarm Bar
  • operating with gloves on

Peltier-Cooled Incubator ILP 53 Smart

Technical data Smart

Informazioni aggiuntive


ILP 53 Smart

air convection


chamber capacity (l)


working capacity (l)



microprocessor PID


4,3" full colour touch screen

temperature range (°C)

0…+70 (max 20°C below ambient temperature)

temperature resolution every (°C)


temperature fluctuation at 37°C (+/-°C)


temperature variation at 37°C (+/-°C)


over temperature protection

class 2.0 to DIN 12880 / class 3.3 (option)


double(5) / door with viewing window (option)






powder coated sheet

IG Smart

stainless steel linen finish

overall dims (mm) /1/


A width


B height


depth C


internal dims (mm)


width D


height E


depth F


shelves (standard - max)

2, 5

max shelf workload (kg) /2/


max unit workload (kg)


weight (kg)


power supply

230V 50-60Hz

nominal power (W)



24 months

all the above technical data refer to standard units (without optional accessories)
* – fluctuation measured in centre of the chamber; in space, variation (K) calculated for chamber as:
K= +/- (T average max. – T average min. ) / 2
** – other power supplies on request
1 – depth doesn’t include 50 mm of power cable
2 – on uniformly loaded surface
3 – reinforced shelf
4 – reinforced version
5 – additional internal glass door