Worktops for every need

Our workbenches can be equipped with different worktops, to meet all needs, based on the function to which they must be dedicated.


Many different types, depending on the processing you will perform on their surface.


Useful in all sectors of industry, in hospitals, analysis and research laboratories, pharmacies and school laboratories.

Stainless steel

Worktop made of steel grade OH18N9 (AISI 304, DIN 1.4301).


The most suitable solution for the need for a high degree of cleaning.


Ideal for avoiding the formation of colonies of bacteria or aggression by chemical agents.


High mechanical and thermal resistance.


Possibility to order worktop with marine edge.




Worktop made of epoxy resin.


This material has monolithic and ideally homogenous structure on the whole thickness.


It characterizes very low permeability, high resistance on high temperature, hardness comparable with stone and without stratification or fractures.


DURCON is highly resistant to most acid and other chemical compounds and used in laboratory works as well as discoloration which is the result of pigment. Available thickness: 19 or 25 mm with or without marine edge.





Worktop made of chipboard covered on the outside with layer of HPL laminate.


Because of its limited chemical and physical resistance, laminate worktops are applicable mainly as tables under apparatus, subsidiary tables or laboratory desks.



HPL Max Resistance

Laboratory worktop made of pressure laminate. It consists of hard black core (manufactured as a result of pressing of cellulose fibres in high pressure and temperature) which is covered both sided with layer of special paper and melamine resin. 


This material is non-flammable and does not absorb moisture. Surface is resistant on many chemical substances. Thickness: 4-20 mm.




Monolite Ceramic

This worktop is homogenous in the whole section, glazed with very high chemical resistance (except HF acid) and mechanical.


Possibility to order flat or with marine edge.




Quartz-Granite conglomerate

Worktop made of quartz-granite conglomerate with polyester resin.


This kind of worktop characterizes high mechanical resistance and smooth surface. 


Possibility to order also marine edge worktop. Thickness: 20 mm.



Do you want to be sure you are making the right choice for your laboratory?


Aleph is at your side: from the inspection to the design, up to the realization and turnkey delivery.


Aleph puts at your complete disposal the assistance and technical advice necessary to facilitate the choice of the solution that best suits your specific working needs.