“K18 Leave-in Molecular Repair Hair Mask”: the “miraculous” hair mask that wants to oust Olaplex

Promise new hair in just 4 minutes and hit TikTok with stellar reviews.

The more the hair is damaged, the greater the results, promises the manufacturer’s website: in short, it’s just for me.

In the last year my hair has endured everything! Weekly coloring, lightening, wild styling, so today they are worn out and dry: I can’t fix them even by cutting them regularly.

This mask promises to rebuild the structure of the hair, restoring strength, elasticity and resistance to even the most scrambled hair (like mine right now).

Until now, hair care products have hidden the damage; conditioning treatments coat the hair with oils, providing surface hydration and shine, while repair treatments act as applying an internal glue – fragile in the long run – providing only temporary results that go away wash after wash.

 K18 is the first product that cares for hair from the inside out.

The official website of the brand says it.

Before using the mask, I obviously inquired: first of all it is vegan, color safe and cruelty-free.

Formulated by an American company, the K18 Mask uses “biomimetic science” and has 10 years of solid research behind it. Unlike other products, it does not settle on the surface of the hair with transient effects: thanks to the patented K18 peptide, a sequence of amino acids that has the ability to navigate to the deepest layers of the shaft, rebuilds the broken keratin chains, and recomposes in the long term the hair structure, restoring up to 94% of the original strength and elasticity.

Available in 3 sizes (I chose the 50 ml one), the mask is leave-in, without rinsing, and should be used at the beginning for a cycle of 4-6 consecutive washes, then every 3-4 washes, for maintenance.

The effect is cumulative: the beneficial results should be visible especially from the second wash onwards.

When I had the product in my hands, I had done the styling the day before but I couldn’t resist.

I was not very satisfied with the results of my Wash Day, the hair had been affected by the humidity during the day and was a little frizzy, electric in some places, in general weighed down. So I took a small amount of product and massaged it into dry hair then brushed it.

The hair has become softer and smoother, the mediocre styling has definitely improved.

First wash: April 19, 2022

Following the brand’s instructions, I wash my hair with shampoo but without applying conditioner or another mask or conditioner.

WITHOUT is essential! The hair must be cleansed of any lipid layer and poorly adhered cuticles.

On damp hair, dabbed well with a towel, I apply three doses of the product on all lengths, starting from the most damaged part (the ends). I have very thick and medium length hair, the amount of product varies according to the length and type of hair. I pass the wide-toothed comb, gently, to better distribute the product. I wait for the indicated 4 minutes, apply a styling protector and proceed with a brush and hairdryer. When the hair is dry, it feels very soft and fragrant. Bright, zero frizz and zero electricity.

The fold done in this way remains beautiful for several days.

Second wash: April 23, 2022

My expectations are high: it is after this washing that the “miracle” should happen.

After five days from the previous wash day, the hair is still beautiful. Despite having to endure two days of rain and a pilates class!

I wash my hair, no conditioner, and I apply the product again on damp hair (first towel dry with a microfiber towel).

I dry them in the open air, in the garden. When the hair is dry, it feels very soft and fragrant again. Bright and, to the touch, more full-bodied and strong.

Third wash: April 26, 2022

This time I take the mask with me to the hairdresser and ask him to apply it: we dry the hair with a hairdryer and a round brush and the final result is definitely “wow”.

My hair, increasingly shiny, is soft and silky to the touch: it looks healthy, full-bodied and vigorous. The hairdresser himself is amazed by the effectiveness of the product.

Fourth wash: April 28, 2022

Again I take the mask with me to the hairdresser, he himself is curious to experience it again. Again, the result is splendid.

Miraculous? I don’t want to exaggerate, but I can confirm that this mask is by far the best I have ever tried (to date).

So I will continue to use it, alternating it with other products that have become my hair’s “best friends”.

If you use it too, tell me here (in the comments to the post) your opinion about it.

Have a nice wash day! 😉

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